Google Summer Of Code

This was long overdue ..  :smile:

Participating in GSOC had always been in my todo list. I had known about it for quite some time and had begun looking for organizations as early as August. As suggested by ex GSOC’ers, I spent a good amount of time in selecting an organization. Selecting a good organization for oneself is very important, because there is a good chance you will continue with the org way after you are done with GSOC.

For selecting a good orgainsation, i made an excel sheet, listing down all past organisations that had been consistently selected in gsoc, based on the field of interest and the community. Within this, for me OpenMRS with its motto to

“Write Code, Save lives”  

was a clear winner. Most of OpenMRS code is written in JAVA, which was the language i wanted to work in.

The best part of OpenMRS, is however its systematic management and its very friendly community. There were people on the IRC who spent a lot of time, helping me get setup with the environment like dkayiwa, and the Google code-in students.

Once I was introduced to OpenMRS, my focus shifted from getting into GSOC, to contribute meaningfully in anyway possible. I have been a part of the organization for more than 6 months, and have made code contributions, helped people on the IRC chat server, and lead SCRUM meetings. Contributing to OpenMRS is probably the most meaningful thing that I do, and I am greatful for OpenMRS for having given me this opportunity to work with Wyclif Luyima and Burke Mamlin on the Generic Tagging Mechanism Project.

Looking forward to a great summer with GSOC at OpenMRS :smile:



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