Community Bonding Period

Community bonding period ended on May 30th. This gave us time to get to know our organization and project better.
Communicating with the organization has been a wonderful and enriching experience. I have been a part of the organization since December 2016, and have got a good understanding of how it operates.
I used this time to interact with other GSOC participants, and to understand openmrs code better, so that it will be easier to contribute during the coding period.
I was also able to have my first meeting with my mentor. It was very fruitful, since we were able to make important discussions regarding the design of the project.

The project I’ll be working on is called “Generic Tagging Mechanism” Project.
The aim of this is to provide a mechanism that allows users to annotate domain objects with simple text labels/tags for better management of domain objects. These β€œtags” can be useful in various ways e.g to group data and generating work queues. Thus the goal of this project is to create a generic tagging mechanism where any kind of domain object can be tagged with multiple labels, and these labels can easily be managed/searched later.

To create an api for tagging any domain object
to create ui fragments which can be included in any page for creation of tags.
To create a searching mechanism with various filters for searching through tags.

Looking forward to great experience with gsoc@openmrs πŸ˜€


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