WEEK -1 [30th May – 6th June]

For the first week of the coding period, I worked on setting up a module for the Generic tagging Mechanism project. I was travelling between the 30th and 2nd so, i officially began coding on the 2nd. I worked on creating the module, with core code in a module approach in mind. It basically refers to the fact, that the java packaging should be similar to that of the core.
My mentor is very helpful and quick to answer my doubts. I had a meeting with him on the 30th to confirm some important points before i begin to code.

Initially :-
1) I used the OpenMRS SDK to create the skeleton of a Reference Application Module.
2)I modified the packaging of the Api to resemble that of the core project.
3)I started setting up the initial outline.
Worked on the object Tag (used JPA annotations so that the mapping files wont be needed)
Wrote the liquibase changeset to create a table tag.
Connected the service layer with the DAO layer.
Worked on the bean configuration in the moduleApplicationContext file.
Added a TestingApplicationContext file and a dataset for testing.

Currently I am trying to test the hibernate connection, but seem to be facing some problem with the bean configurations since I don’t have much experience with it. Hopefully I will be able to resolve the problems by today with the help of my mentor. For now, other than this error, everything else is going according to schedule.
REPO: https://github.com/jtatia/openmrs-module-tag


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