WEEK 6 [5th July – 11th July]

In the Design call held on the 5th of July, a discussion was held on the way forward regarding the Generic-Tagging-Mechanism Project. It was decided that instead of working on Angular directives, the first step would be to add this mechanism to the clinician facing patient dashboard. The plan is to create a fragment in the tagging module and to provide an extension point to the secondColumnFragment in the clinician facing patient dashboard :-

Apart from that several changes were decided for the Rest Resource. I added searching capability by 3 parameters objectType, objectUuid, and tagName. Depending on which parameters are provided a List of tags will be returned. I also started cleaning up the Rest Api code according to the Code Review. The representation was also modified.

For full representation
GET .../v1/tag?tag=my-favorites?v=full


“uuid”: “uuid-of-tag-object”,
“tag”: “my-favorites”,
“objectType”: “patient”,
“objectUuid”: “…/patient/uuid-of-tagged-patient”,
“auditInfo”: “”
“uuid”: “uuid-of-tag-object”,
“tag”: “my-favorites-of-all”,
“objectType”: “concept”,
“objectUuid”: “…/patient/uuid-of-tagged-concept”,
“auditInfo”: “”

For Default Representation
GET .../v1/tag/my-favorites

“tag”: “my-favorites”,
“links”: [
{“rel”: “patient”, “uri”: “…/patient/uuid-of-tagged-patient”},
{“rel”: “concept”, “uri”: “…/patient/uuid-of-tagged-concept”}

I still have a few doubts regarding the default representation, but other that that the Rest part is almost complete. I have also started looking into how I will add the UI fragment. For this I am using Allergies UI and the tagging mechanism of JIRA as reference.


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