FINAL REPORT GSOC-2017 [Generic Tagging Mechanism]

Generic Tagging Mechanism

Primary mentor : Wyclif Luyima
Backup mentor : Burke Mamlin
Student : Jai Tatia
Project wiki : Link To Wiki

OpenMRS has always lacked a mechanism that allows users to annotate domain objects with simple text labels/tags, these labels can be useful in various ways e.g to group data and generating work queues. The goal of this project was to provide a tagging mechanism in OpenMRS that cuts across all domain objects.


There were changes made to the objectives midway based on feedback from the community.

  • To create a generic robust Api which will interact with the database and can be used for tagging OpenMRS Objects. (COMPLETED)
  • To create a Rest Resource to expose the module and to be able to make Rest Calls to obtain tagging related data. (COMPLETED)
  • To create a UI fragment extension to the second Column Fragment of the clinician facing patient dashboard, for performing simple functions such as adding, removing and viewing tags. (COMPLETED)
  • To add a feature where-in clicking on a tag redirects to a page where all Patients having that tag are listed. (COMPLETED)

The following pages cover the implementation details, including rest calls and the user interface.

Video Presentation:

Commit History

Main Project Link

Other Resources

Project Documentation:
Talk Discussion:

Blog History


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